10 Outdoor Art Projects for Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained All Summer Long

I know all too well the struggle of trying to keep my kids entertained during those long summer months.

So, let me tell you, nothing has saved my sanity quite like some good old-fashioned outdoor art projects!

I once took my kids to the park to make some leaf rubbings. We found the biggest, most beautiful leaves we could, and with a few crayons and some paper, we created some of the most amazing artwork I’ve ever seen!

It was so much fun, and it gave us a chance to really connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

In this article, I’m excited to share with you 10 outdoor art projects guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained all summer.

These projects are super fun and a great way to teach your kids about the natural world and foster a love of the outdoors.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your kids off the screens and into the sunshine, these outdoor art projects are the perfect solution.

Outdoor Art Projects for Kids

1. Leaf Rubbings:

This is my favorite.

It is a classic art project that’s perfect for summertime.

All you need are some leaves, crayons, and paper. Have your kids go on a nature walk to collect a variety of leaves, then help them rub the crayons over the paper to create their own one-of-a-kind leaf designs.

2. Rock Sculptures:

Let your kids get creative with rocks! They can use rocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors to build houses, towers, animals, or whatever else their imaginations come up with.

Just make sure they don’t get too carried away and start throwing rocks around that’s not part of the project!

3. Nature Suncatchers:

Suncatchers are beautiful and easy to make. All you need are clear plastic lids (from jars or Tupperware), markers, ribbon, and leaves or other small nature items.

Have your kids decorate the lids with markers, then glue on their leaves or other nature items. Once dry, punch a hole in the top of the lid and thread through some ribbon to hang it up.

Now you can enjoy their nature suncatchers all summer long!

4. Sidewalk Chalk Drawings:

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to encourage kids to be active while also being creative.

They can draw pictures of their favorite animals, write inspirational quotes, or just doodle to their heart’s content.

The sky’s the limit!

Just make sure they have plenty of room to work so they don’t end up drawing on your car or the neighbor’s house…😄

5. Flower Crowns:

What better way to celebrate summer than by making flower crowns? You’ll need some fresh flowers (daisies work well), green pipe cleaners or floral wire, and scissors. Help your kids cut the stems off the flowers, then wire or pipe cleaner them together into a crown shape. Voila! They’re ready for their very own summertime photo shoot.

6. Mud Paintings:

This one will surely be a hit with any kid who likes getting dirty! You only need mud (from the backyard), water, food coloring, and paper. Mix the mud with water and food coloring until you have your desired paint consistency, then let your kids go wild painting on paper or any other surface they want.

Just make sure they don’t get too muddy… 

7. Bubble Paintings:

Bubbles and paint, what could be more fun?

This project is super easy mix together equal parts dish soap, water, and coloring paint, then blow bubbles onto paper or any other surface using a straw.

The paint will dry inside the bubbles to create unique patterns and designs.

8. Water Bottle Sprinklers:

These are perfect for hot summer days! Simply remove the cap from a plastic water bottle and screw on a sprinkler head (you can find these at any hardware store).

Turn on the water and let your kids run through the sprinkler for hours of cooling fun.

9. DIY Birdfeeders:

These are fun to make and beneficial for our feathered friends!

You’ll need some pinecones, peanut butter (or another nut butter), birdseed, string or yarn, and scissors.

First, help your kids spread peanut butter all over the pinecones (this is where things might get messy…). Then roll the pinecones in birdseed until they’re completely coated.

Tie a string around each pinecone’s top so birds can perch on them while eating.

10 . Fairy Houses:

This one is perfect for little girls who love fairies!

All you need are sticks, stones, leaves, flowers, acorns basically anything you can find in your backyard to build houses fit for fairies large and small alike.

It might take some time for your child’s fairy houses to attract actual fairy residents😄, but in the meantime, they’ll have loads of fun making them.

Conclusion :

I hope these 10 outdoor art projects have inspired you to get outside and get creative with your kids this summer!

Incorporating nature and the outdoors into your art projects keep your kids entertained and helps them connect with the world around them.

So grab your art supplies, head outside, and prepare to make beautiful, nature-inspired art with your little ones.

And don’t forget to share your creative ideas and experiences in the comments below! 🎨🌞🌻🌳🐞🌸🦋

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