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10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Explore and Play Outside

Are you tired of seeing your little ones hunched over their screens, eyes glazed with a blue light glow?

We’ve all been there, and it can be tough to convince our kids to ditch the devices and embrace the beauty of the great outdoors.

I’ve got some tricks for you.

I remember trying to get my little ones to play outside, and they looked at me like I had two heads. “But Mom,” they said, “the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach the backyard!” 🤦‍♀️

Well, I am here to help you tackle this screen-time struggle and get your kids outside and exploring. So, strap on your hiking boots (or sneakers), and let’s dive into 10 ways to encourage your kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Explore and Play Outside

1. Lead by Example – If you want your kids to enjoy spending time in nature, then you need to set a good example for them. Make sure you take some time each day for yourself to get outside and explore .

you can even make it a family affair! 

2. Take Advantage of Local Resources – Check out what parks and recreation facilities are nearby.

If you live in a big city, chances are there are plenty of great spots nearby that your family can check out together. 

3. Give Them a Camera – Cameras are great tools for getting kids interested in exploring new places. They can use the camera to document their journey or just as an excuse to slow down and observe the world around them more closely. 

4. Start Small – If your kids aren’t used to spending lots of time outdoors, start small by going on short walks or visiting parks close to your home before venturing farther away from home base. This way they can gain confidence in their outdoor skills without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by bigger adventures on unfamiliar terrain. 

5. Bring Along Snacks – Nothing motivates like snacks!

Pack some healthy treats (or even a few special ones) that they can enjoy while exploring the outdoors with you.

it’s like a mini-picnic! 

Plus, it’ll give them something else besides video games or TV shows to look forward too when they’re done exploring for the day (and it’ll give you an incentive too!). 

6. Let Them Have Free Time – Don’t forget about unstructured playtime!

While having activities planned is great for giving structure and purpose to your outings, letting your kids have free time will allow them freedom to explore their environment at their own pace without feeling restrained by rules or expectations from adults.  

7 . Learn Together – Encourage curiosity by learning about natural phenomena from books, podcasts , documentaries , etc .

The more knowledge your child has, the more likely they’ll be inclined to explore further. 

 8 . Find Local Nature Clubs – Look into local nature clubs that specialize in teaching children about outdoor exploration. These types of programs provide excellent opportunities for learning hands-on skills related to outdoor adventures, such as bird watching, hiking , camping, orienteering , etc .  

9 . Set Goals – Whether it’s seeing how many different species of birds they can spot or setting specific goals related to distance traveled or number of hikes completed during summer vacation , setting goals gives kids something tangible that they can strive towards while exploring outdoors with friends and family members.

10 . Take Breaks – Just like adults, kids need breaks too !

It’s important not only so that they don’t become overwhelmed with all the new experiences but also so that they don’t grow bored either.

Taking regular breaks will help keep things fresh and exciting even after hours spent exploring !  


We did it! We got our kids outside and exploring, despite all the distractions and excuses that can make it so challenging.

From setting boundaries to packing snacks, you can get your little ones to embrace outdoor play. And even though it can be tough to convince our kids to put down the screens and head outside, it’s worth it in the end.

I remember one time when I was struggling to get my kids to come outside with me. They were so wrapped up in their iPads and video games that they couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than staying inside.

But I was determined to get them out into the fresh air and sunshine, so I started small.

We went for a short walk around the block, and before we knew it, we were chasing each other through the park and laughing until our bellies hurt.

It shows that even the smallest steps can lead to big adventures outside.

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